natural event

natural event
an event that happens
Syn: ↑happening, ↑occurrence, ↑occurrent
Derivationally related forms: ↑occurrent (for: ↑occurrence), ↑happen (for: ↑happening)
Hypernyms: ↑event
accompaniment, ↑concomitant, ↑attendant, ↑co-occurrence, ↑avalanche, ↑experience, ↑trouble, ↑treat, ↑miracle, ↑wonder, ↑marvel, ↑thing, ↑episode, ↑eventuality, ↑contingency, ↑contingence, ↑beginning, ↑ending, ↑conclusion, ↑finish, ↑one-off, ↑periodic event, ↑recurrent event, ↑change, ↑alteration, ↑modification, ↑error, ↑computer error, ↑accident, ↑stroke, ↑fortuity, ↑chance event, ↑fire, ↑incident, ↑discharge, ↑case, ↑instance, ↑example, ↑movement, ↑motion, ↑failure, ↑success, ↑appearance, ↑destiny, ↑fate, ↑disappearance, ↑contact, ↑impinging, ↑striking, ↑collapse, ↑interruption, ↑break, ↑sound, ↑union, ↑news event, ↑flash, ↑convergence, ↑juncture, ↑occasion, ↑outburst, ↑burst, ↑flare-up, ↑outbreak, ↑eruption, ↑irruption, ↑reverse, ↑reversal, ↑setback, ↑blow, ↑black eye, ↑boom, ↑bonanza, ↑gold rush, ↑gravy, ↑godsend, ↑manna from heaven, ↑windfall, ↑bunce, ↑crash, ↑supervention

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